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The Blockchain Revolution

You know the old saying, “I heard it on the internet, so it must be true!” Indeed, the internet is a great resource for expanding education and remaining up-to-date on current events. The trouble is, well, it’s the internet, and it’s really easy for otherwise smart people to be duped. Whether it’s a news article,… Read more »

Avoid Phishing Scams

Internet scams have been around since, well, the internet. Some are blatantly obvious—we all know not to buy anything a self-professed Nigerian prince is selling—while others are so subtle they can fool a seasoned internet skeptic. The most common kind of email scam is “phishing”, the term coming from the idea that scammers are “phishing”… Read more »

Building a Secure P@$$w0rd

It seems we can’t go five minutes without some major brand announcing they’ve had a data breach and all of your information is floating around an ominous (but real) entity known as the dark web. Even if your information isn’t acquired as a result of a massive data breach, you can certainly think of at… Read more »

5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Switch to a VoIP System Now

A reliable phone system with up-to-date features can be the change that helps your business flourish. Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, systems allow you to make phone calls over your internet connection instead of standard analog phone lines. This service offers better functionality, lower costs, and other helpful business benefits. How could your business… Read more »

PCnet Celebrates 30 Years in Business!

October 28th marked PCnet’s 30 Year Anniversary! We’re proud to be a part of Springfield’s amazing community, made up of friends, partners, clients and team members. As we honor our past and celebrate all the many blessings and people that have gotten us here, we now look forward and will work to uphold all the values… Read more »

The End of Life for Office 2007

What does it mean for your company? Ten years ago, Microsoft presented Office 2007, a software suite which helped popularize the Ribbon interface toolbar and several other software enhancements. Businesses still use this decade-old software suite, despite mainstream support ending in October 2012. Most companies have upgraded to newer versions of Office, but many still… Read more »